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Zoom Audits

Zoom Audits

We are the leader in ShareAudits nationwide. Our ShareAudit is an ideal replacement for physical premium audits. ShareAudits provide an online collaboration between an experienced Auditor and policyholder that yields results comparable to a physical audit at a fraction of the cost. It just makes sense. ZOOM’s superior process provides superior results. Our clients typically see 75% fewer disputes, 35% cost savings and 11% additional premium than with their prior vendor. By providing policyholders with a self-service business strategy, a carrier can lower cost of service, improve customer satisfaction and establish a leadership reputation in client relations.  
Lafayette, Louisiana, United States Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

Company Information

ZOOM Audits is growing and we are currently seeking experienced insurance Premium Auditors to assist us with ShareAudits.

If you are tired of the wasted time and costs associated with traveling to insured’s locations to complete physical audits our ShareAudit process may be just what you are looking for.

Our web-based technology allows you to collaborate with the policyholder online to review information and resolve questions.

If you are ready for a change.....visit our opportunities page to create your ideal auditor position. www.zoomaudits.com

Company History

ZOOM was founded in 2011 with the singular focus of re-inventing the premium audit process by leveraging technology. The name "ZOOM" represents our corporate vision to create innovative services that provide fast, yet detailed online premium audits.

ZOOM has pioneered system-guided, policyholder completed audits for small businesses, as well as a platform for online collaboration between auditors and policyholders for larger more complex audits. ZOOM’s tools and processes are incredibly easy to use and provide as much detail as physical audits.

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