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H&S Loss Control Inspections has provided insurance underwriting inspection reports since 1970. We work directly with insurance Underwriters. Most of our inspections are for commercial risks, such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, apartment/condo complexes, and others. Standard procedure is to inspect the property, take 20-35 photos, identify hazards, and interview the Insured in order to complete the report.

Inspection Report: H&S uses the web-based Loss Control 360 system. Orders are sent to you electronically and you return the completed reports electronically. The reports consist of check-off questions, narrative, and digital photos. The actual inspection takes approximately 20-30 minutes on site, plus write up time.

We pay a flat fee per report. Depending on the Customer and type of report, our fees per report are competitive.

We recommend that our inspectors use the following internet browsers in order to have the best experience with Loss Control 360: Brave, Chrome, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer.

Loss Control Specifics

The Loss Control inspection is a walkthrough of the property to make observations and identify hazards (supported with photos). It includes a brief interview with the Insured for operations information and the ages of the building systems. Exterior building measurements are taken with a measuring wheel.

For a standard commercial risk, our focus is on the utilities/building systems (heating, wiring, plumbing), common areas, maintenance, protections, and life safety. There should be easy access to a utilities room or basement.

All commercial inspections require appointments to be scheduled, and require interior and exterior photos.

We are not testing anything, and we are not climbing into crawl spaces, climbing up ladders, or going in attics. We do not need photos of living spaces (bedrooms, living rooms, etc.) A standard size risk requires 20-35 photos and never more than 50 for large risks. We are taking representative photos. For example, we only need one photo of a tagged fire extinguisher.

Despite the challenges presented by events in 2020, H&S has been doing very well and serving our Customers with excellent reports and time service. We continue to succeed in 2021!

We look forward to hearing from all interested applicants!

Apply online at http://hsreports.com/independent/

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Over 50 years in the business of loss control inspections and reports