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Southlake, Texas, United States Southlake, Texas, United States

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You could say that the history of our company is really a story about change.

In the two decades since our founding, technology transformation has forever changed the insurance industry, among many others. More data and better capture tools became available. New methods of working and communicating evolved. Fresh needs and opportunities emerged in response to business model shifts.

We saw all this change as an invitation to do business differently. Since our founding, CIS Group has been at the forefront of innovation and a national leader in providing low-cost field operations services and data collection and exchange. Early on, we committed to investing in the wave of change. Owning that position for as long as we have has meant never sitting back. It means always scanning for the next opportunity and perpetually refining our tools and skills so we can rise to meet it.

That’s what we pass on to you. Our innovation, expertise, and cutting-edge platform provides end-to-end support for your underwriting, claims, mortgage collateral, and auto portfolio operations. We understand your need for fast, accurate and reliable results. And we know you depend on the information we provide to make decisions that will immediately impact your bottom line.

That responsibility is the essence of our mission: One at a time. On time. Every time. It means that when we complete a field inspection, handle a property claim, or speak to your customer on the phone, we treat him or her with the same care and respect that you do.

After all, our guiding principle is to create a perfect customer experience not only for you but also for your customer, to create real and lasting loyalty. Since 1996, that’s the way we’ve done business. It’s the way we’ll do business as long as we’re in business.

Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, and with inspectors and adjusters in all 50 states, CIS Group has overseen the completion of millions of field service and claim transactions since 1996. What will we do for you?

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