What is so special or different about Underwriter Services Association (USA) ?

At USA we do not believe we are special by any measure, but we do believe we are different in especially important ways! Our directors and staff members drill down on candidate specialties for niche needs in the P&C field of coverages. Our customized platform brings to the forefront P&C occupations, while defining candidate experience, education, certifications, and work environments for a more correct candidate fit.

We earnestly believe in A “Path to a Better Future” for each and every candidate and “A Path to a Better Candidate Fit” for the employer. Our desire was not to have the hiring manager wander through a MAIZE of unqualified or under qualified candidates. Instead, we offer for the P&C profession a clearly defined path for the job seeker and the opportunity provider.

USA serves what industry .... what occupations .... and what specialties do you register?

Industry Wise …. USA is dedicated to serving the INSURANCE INDUSTRY specializing in Personal Lines & Commercial Lines business but limited to P&C coverages. The scope of our job board consists of job seekers as well as opportunity providers including Reinsurers, Carriers, MGU’s, MGA’s, Retailers, Captives and Fee Company vendors. Our apologies as we are unable to serve the Health and Life industry.

Occupation Wise …. USA seeks qualified P&C candidates starting with underwriting duties and ending with claims adjusting and a whole lot more. The more part would include: loss control engineers, premium auditors funneled down further to Special Services for underwriters. Special services would include drones, virtual policyholder services, self-assessment “Helps” personnel, certified trainers, infrared testing, fatality investigations, root cause assessments, HPR assessments, air quality / IH assessments, OCIP and much more.

Specialties …. USA seeks to register candidate members for every coverage specialty & every risk type. (Ranging from the mom-and-pop corner store to Fortune 100 companies and every cataloged/coded industry).

How does the ownership and management of USA work?

USA is a for profit association, privately owned and managed by employees that have no vested financial interest in other P&C insurance enterprises. The only connection the owners have with candidates and employers are relationships built and cultivated through years of interaction with Carriers, MGU’s, MGA’s, Captives, Vendors and their respective people. No outside investment in the association has been allowed or nurtured. Our allegiance is to the candidate members and employers that utilize our services.

What about candidate personal information?

We will never request, and you should never provide Underwriter Services Association with driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, or banking or credit card numbers.   All candidate background checks and reference checks would be conducted by the employer (or their assign) and historically triggered during the post offer period and never by Underwriter Services Association.  Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers should never be  included  in a resume or CV.  Access to the USA platform is protected by Candidate User ID and Password.   

Do you market or sell candidate lists to others.

No.  Access is given to potential employers with your approval in order to provide you with the candidate job opportunities.   The staff of Underwriter Services Association does not sell your information to others.

What methods of payment are available for vendor companies?

Underwriter Services Association accepts most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diner’s Club & American Express.

How are Credit Cards protected and secured?

Underwriter Services Association utilizes Script, an international leader in credit card processing. Script provides extensive fraud and security protocols for users. Script is compliant with both SCA & Level 1 PCI protocols as well as next generation authentication safeguards.