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Automate your insurance inspector training process.

Our private-label video education system helps you scale your inspection operations.

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Quality Training

Our courses start with the basics of the insurance industry to help your inspectors understand construction types, roofing, building protection, life-safety and more.

Seamless Automations

Simply funnel your applicants into your training portal and wait for them to register then you’ll receive a notification when they’ve completed basic training.


Our system is fully branded with your desired logo and colors along with a custom URL to give a full service experience that boosts your reputation within the industry.

“We were approached by Loss Control Academy in the early stages of their build out and had the ability to truly partner with them to service our onboarding and introductory training needs. The platform has provided us with a stellar and consistent outcome across our territory, accelerating us into a base consistency we had been working towards.”

Michael J Tomlinson
Executive Vice President at Twenty-First Services, LLC

Self-Paced Courses

Our courses are all online with unlimited attempts and take approximately 10 hours to complete, so it is easy to add them into a busy schedule.

Data Transparency

Risk management is our top priority which is why we use Amazon Web Services cloud so your data is delivered reliably with the utmost security.

Industry Recognized

We’re the leading education platform within the insurance inspection field and are working with the best companies in the industry.

Discover the hassle-free approach to developing your workforce.

We've trained thousands of inspectors and know how to drive consistency.

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